Track Spikes

Omni-Lite track spikes are standard equipment in most performance track shoes manufactured for the world’s leading athletic shoe makers. Omni-Lite's patented track spikes were utilized in the gold shoes that propelled Michael Johnson to two gold medals, highlighted by his remarkable world record in the 200m sprint at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Our products have also been used in several world record performances, including the 100m, 200m, 400m and mile events. Since then, Omni-Lite has been the standard at the Olympic and collegiate levels. Omni-Lite's compression style track spikes were designed in conjunction with Mondo "the leader in synthetic tracks" to guarantee Olympic level performance without damaging the track. Now, you can enjoy the same technology that has helped some of world's finest athletes reach the pinnacle of their performance!

Why do most of the world's elite athletes use Omni-Lite's ultra-lite ceramic track shoe spikes?

♦ 1/3 the weight of traditional steel spikes
♦ Provides fast starts and excellent traction around corners
♦ Patented design compresses track to provide energy to the athlete
♦ Will not rust or corrode
♦ Will not damage track

Order Inquires

To place an order, please send an email to Note, a $500 minimum purchase order is required. For orders below the minimum requirement, please contact one of our authorized track spike retailers located below: