From Spikes to Engineered Fasteners

Omni-Lite Industries is based in Calgary, Alberta with manufacturing and engineering operations in Cerritos, California and Nashua, New Hampshire. Established in 1992, the company’s first commercial product was an ultra-light weight ceramic composite track spike for running shoes. Since then, Omni-Lite has run fast and far as a company, evolving into a trusted manufacturer of high-performance metal alloy and composite components and fastener systems for the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries.

Our focus today remains on innovation in progressive metal and composite forming. Our engineers have developed patented technologies for transferring products through multi-die machines with segmented tooling. From their efforts, Omni-Lite has proprietary systems capable of hot and cold forming of complex-geometry components with little or no waste during extended runs for high-volume production. Our seasoned team of engineers, tool makers and headermen embrace a culture of mentorship, working with newer employees to pass on the knowledge and skills that define our unique capabilities.

In 2018, Omni-Lite acquired Monzite Corporation, a New Hampshire based manufacturer of microelectronic subcomponents used on aerospace and defense platforms. Omni-Lite is one company with two divisions providing customers with highly engineered components that must perform under rugged conditions.

Omni-Lite Division Leadership

Corporate Leadership