Quality at Every Step

We understand and embrace the demands for quality, consistency and performance to rigorous specifications when making engineered fastener systems for aerospace and defense platforms.

That’s why quality is embedded in every process at Omni-Lite.

Material Validation and Tracking

Before releasing raw materials for manufacturing, each lot of incoming alloy or composite is tested to validate it meets the required specifications. Each lot is tagged for full traceability through manufacturing.

Production Floor Monitoring

Using networked control systems that capture real-time data from sensors embedded in every machine, headermen continuously monitor production and visually inspect product. If a machine moves outside of established parameters, it’s stopped and adjustments are made to limit waste and downtime.

Product Testing

While we manufacture hundreds of thousands of products every day, the output from each line is segregated in small batches for testing. Multiple samples of each product, from each batch, are collected and evaluated by our on-site testing center prior to release.

When product batches clear inspection, they are aggregated for bulk shipment. On the rare occasion that a deviation is found, then the source batch is isolated. An investigation ensues to evaluate the nature and cause of the deviation and to determine what corrective action is needed.