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Why do most of the world's elite athletes use Omni-Lite's ultra-lite ceramic track shoe spikes?
  • patented space-age ceramic material 1/3 the weight of traditional steel spikes
  • Omni-Lite's christmas tree spikes provide very fast starts and excellent traction around the corners
  • patented design compresses track to provide energy to the athlete
  • will not rust or corrode
  • will not damage track

Omni-Lite's track spikes are standard features in most track shoes designed and manufactured by the world's leading athletic shoe makers including Nike, adidas, Reebok, Puma, and New Balance. These space-age ceramic track spikes were utilized by athletes who won approximately 40 gold medals in the two most recent summer Olympics in Atlanta and Sydney. Omni-lite's patented Christmas tree spikes were utilized in the gold shoes that propelled Michael Johnson to two gold medals highlighted by his remarkable world record in the 200M sprint. These products were also used in several recent world record performances including the men's 100m, 200m, 400m, and mile events. Omni-Lite's compression style track spikes are mandatory at many track facilities.

Now you can enjoy the same technology that has helped some of world's finest athletes reach the pinnacle of their performance.
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Click HERE for information about recommended spike usage, tips on replacement and maintenance, and color availability.

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