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Company Profile

Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc.

Founded in September 1992, Omni-Lite has quickly grown to become one of the world's leading developers of precision components utilizing advanced composite materials and computer-controlled cold forging techniques. Omni-Lite's early success came from the sports and recreation industry where it's ultra light-weight ceramic composite track spikes quickly became the industry standard used by most of the world's elite athletes. The company has since broadened its product offerings to include products for the automotive, commercial, aerospace, and military markets. Omni-Lite develops and manufactures precision components utilized by several Fortune 500 Companies including Boeing, Airbus, Alcoa, Ford, Caterpillar, Borg Warner, Chrysler, the U.S. Military, Nike and adidas.
One of Omni-Lite's
Cold Forging Systems
Cold forging involves the use of highly sophisticated computer-controlled machines that forge metal parts from round wire feedstock using exceptionally high pressure. The results are a very precise end product (tolerances of 0.0005 inches), virtually no raw material wastage, and high volume production capability. Up to 300 parts can be produced in one minute.
Internal Components of One of Omni-Lite's Cold Forging Systems





Proud to be a publicly traded company under the symbols OML in Canada (TSX-V) and OLNCF in the USA (OTCQX)

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