Metallurgical Lab Purchase

Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc.

July 15, 2002

Omni-Lite has purchased testing and analysis equipment that will be moved into the new metallurgical laboratory at the company's manufacturing headquarters. "The equipment will add an important advantage to securing new projects while streamlining the company operations further. The company has always stated that it intends to be on the cutting edge of this industry. This is a key element that will allow Omni-Lite to maintain a leadership role and safely advance new materials work without relying too heavily on outside labs," commented Tim Wang, sales and business development manager. "Many tests that are currently performed by outside labs can now be completed in-house. The new product characterization capabilities will allow us to better support customers," stated John Sidener, quality assurance manager.

In July of 2001, SNC Technologies Inc. of Canada (SNC) contracted Omni-Lite to develop an innovative component which brings together a series of technological advancements. SNC and Omni-Lite are now moving forward with a second developmental contract with the intent of reaching a first article approval in the months ahead.

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