Awarded new U.S. patent

Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc

April 12, 2001

The company has been awarded another U.S. patent for products developed in its sports and recreation division. To date, the company has been awarded four U.S. patents and has additional patents pending. "Omni-Lite has been very protective when it comes to the intellectual property rights that stem from the products and processes created within the company," stated David F. Grant, president and chief executive officer. "This helps to ensure long-term value for all shareholders."

Omni-Lite has hired QIS Capital to augment the investor relations program. This contract covers the period from April to November, 2001. Total remuneration over this period will be $14,000.

The company has been interviewed for various newscasts and printed articles that will appear in the near future. An interview conducted on April 11, 2001, can be found at

The company is also announcing the resignation of Catherine Grant as a director.

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