Fairchild Jet Engine Component Approved and Nike Launches Internet Site for Custom Sales

Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc

Thursday Mar. 9, 2000

Omni-Lite is pleased to announce that the company has received first article approval for a jet engine component to be supplied to Fairchild (www.fairchildaerospace.com). As a result shipments for this component are expected to begin March 15, 2000. This is the first of seven contracts that Fairchild has awarded Omni-Lite over the last month. These contracts form the foundation of an aerospace division within Omni-Lite and the potential for a new revenue stream.

Nike, Inc. of Portland, Oregon has announced plans to begin the implementation of a custom order system on their website (www.nike.com). This system, known as NIKEiD, is featured on the Nike home page and will allow the user to customize the style and color of various products. These shoes can be custom embroidered to include a team or individual athlete's name. The company has been informed that several products incorporating Omni-Lite components will be offered on the NIKEiD site, enhancing Omni-Lite's revenue through the internet.

The second-generation link for NATO and the US Army is continuing in production. The first article confirmation is expected in March with significant shipments scheduled in the first quarter.

Omni-Lite is a rapidly growing high technology company that develops and manufactures precision components used by 400 companies including GM, Ford, Mazda, Daimler-Chrysler, the U.S. military, Nike, Adidas and Reebok.

Except for historical information contained herein this document contains forward-looking statements. These statements contain known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause the company's actual results or outcomes to be materially different from those anticipated and discussed herein.


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