Omni-Lite Industries receives $415,000 in work

Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc.

September 21, 2006

Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc. has received two new orders for its sports and recreation division. The total value of these orders is approximately $292,000. In addition, the company has received several follow-up orders for its aerospace division. The total value of these orders is approximately $100,000. Due to the expertise and experience of Omni-Lite in the military areas that it has pioneered, the company has been awarded three research projects by a large U.S. military supplier. These military programs are to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2006. The total value of these sports and recreation, aerospace and military projects is approximately $415,000.

The sophisticated electrical discharge machining system (EDM) first reported on July 28, 2006, has been delivered to the facility in Cerritos, Calif. "We are expecting the first components to be produced from this system this week," stated Paul A. Burkey, president and chief operating officer. "These tooling components would normally take outside vendors five to six weeks to produce. The reduction of these critical lead times will markedly improve the company's efficiency."

The company is pleased to announce that Dan Mielke has joined the company as manager of special projects. Mr. Mielke has over 28 years experience in the manufacturing and management areas. Most recently, Mr. Mielke was the director of operations of a business in Southern California that manufactured microcomponents. In May, 2006, Omni-Lite purchased five microforming heading systems from this firm to initiate its microforming division. Mr. Mielke's expertise in the microforming area is anticipated to be critical as Omni-Lite begins to develop this new business area.

Except for historical information contained herein this document contains forward-looking statements. These statements contain known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause the company's actual results or outcomes to be materially different from those anticipated and discussed herein.


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