Omni-Lite wins three military contracts
Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc.

Wednesday Aug 11, 1999
Mr. David Grant reports 
 The company has been awarded three military contracts for products used by the U.S. government. Two of these involve the manufacture of patented products for the M-16 and .38 calibre arsenal. The third contract calls for the production of a second-generation coupling for use with the Mark 19 mortar, a system that is used by both the U.S. and NATO armed forces. 

 The contract for Omni-Lite's NATO product, the largest of the three, is worth over $480,000 (U.S.). The procurement for 1999 was awarded entirely to Omni-Lite, and includes an option to increase the contract by 100 per cent by the end of 1999. The U.S. government purchase plan for 1999 dictates that only Omni-Lite's new coupling can be used for the Mark 19. While initial prototypes have been tested successfully, Omni-Lite must complete details of the manufacturing process and pass a standard series of U.S. government production tests before production can begin. It is anticipated that these steps will be completed in August, and that production will begin soon after. 

 The other contracts require the production of patented products for the U.S. M-16 and .38 calibre arsenal. Deliveries have already begun for the M-16 system. The value of these contracts is over $40,000 (U.S.). 

 "These three new contracts are significant for Omni-Lite," said David Grant, president and chief executive officer. "Not only will they build our revenues, but they also increase the profile of our military division, as well as confirming the effectiveness of Omni-Lite's strategic direction. All of these contracts can be considered stepping stones to larger opportunities in these areas."

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