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Military Division

Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc.


40mm link Developed for
the U.S. Military and NATO
  Omni-Lite was awarded its first military contract in September 1997. It has since gained a notable foothold in a niche segment of the industry due its engineering expertise and the low rejection rate made possible by its proprietary cold forging techniques and computer-controlled processes. Under the original contract, Omni-Lite manufactured a special coupling for use with the Mk19 grenade launcher for the U.S. Army. The Mk19 grenade launcher is used by the armed forces of both the US and NATO in peacekeeping missions worldwide. In August 1999, Omni-Lite was awarded an exclusive contract to produce a second-generation coupling for the Mk19 grenade launcher. Omni-Lite has also been awarded contracts to manufacture patented products for the M-16 and .38 caliber arsenal for the U.S. government. These contracts are considered stepping stones to larger opportunities in the military sector.  

22 Calibre Head Cap
Manufactured for the
United States Military

The growth of this segment of the company's operations has been driven by the success of its engineering program. Omni-Lite's components have proven considerably more reliable than previous products as a result of the advanced manufacturing processes employed during fabrication.




Proud to be a publicly traded company under the symbols OML in Canada (TSX-V) and OLNCF in the USA (OTCQX)

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