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Automotive Division

Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc.


Transmission Valves Produced
for Daimler-Chrysler
Omni-Lite's strength in the automotive area was established through the development of a series of transmission components utilized in the transmissions of Daimler-Chrysler automobiles. This technology has since been extrapolated to produce airbag components for GM, Ford, and Mazda. Omni-Lite's automated production systems are ideally suited to providing close tolerance components in a competitive marketplace. The quality of the company's components reflects Omni-Lite's position as one of the most highly rated suppliers with one of the lowest rejection rates in the industry.
The opportunities for Omni-Lite's precision light-weight composite components in the automotive industry are numerous. The company has focused its efforts on establishing strong working relationships with major industry players, and on building a reputation for quality components and on-time delivery. The company's success in this regard has been demonstrated by the amount of repeat business and new and expanded contracts received from its existing customers.

Brake, transmission, and engine parts.

Management is confident that these relationships and its growing reputation will lead to additional contracts in the automotive field as car makers strive to find alternative components which are lighter and stronger in order to enhance both the safety and fuel economy of their vehicles. It is estimated that several hundred pounds could be shaved off the weight of the average car if the steel bolts were replaced by the light-weight components manufactured by Omni-Lite.




Proud to be a publicly traded company under the symbols OML in Canada (TSX-V) and OLNCF in the USA (OTCQX)

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