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Aerospace Division

Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc.


Vibration Resistant Stainless Steel Fastener Component
  In early 2000, Omni-Lite received the first of a series of contracts for a jet engine components to be supplied to Fairchild Fasteners, subsequently purchased by Alcoa Fastening Systems. This contract provided the initial foundation for Omni-Lite's aerospace division. The Company has been awarded contracts to develop a series of components utilized by Boeing and Airbus. The components shown are utilized in the engine housings of jet aircraft as well as in pumps that are used in nuclear submarines and armored vehicles.

Omni-Lite's products are ideally suited to aerospace applications due to their precision and light weight nature.




Proud to be a publicly traded company under the symbols OML in Canada (TSX-V) and OLNCF in the USA (OTCQX)

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