Cleats for elite feet

While millions of people worldwide cheered for their countries' athletes during the Sydney Olympic games, David Grant was cheering for their shoes. For about 2,000 of the elite athletes -including Cathy Freeman, Maurice Greene, Michael Johnson and Marion Jones- high-tech spikes designed by Mr. Grant's Calgary-based company, Omni0Lite, were their point of contact with the ground. "I never dreamed of this," says the 195 University of Calgary engineering graduate (seated in the photo with Sundre's Michael Walker, VP of research and development) from his research lab in California. "How can you put in your business plan that you're going to be part of the Olympics?" Since he founded Omni-Lite in 1993, the company has provided components made of exotic compounds not only for Nike, Reebok and Adidas, but also for the space shuttle, several major auto manufacturers and the United States Army.

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