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News Releases

Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc.


September 24, 2018 Omni-Lite Industries Canada Completes Previously Announced Acquisition of Monzite Corporation and Appoints David Robbins as a Director of Omni-Lite Industries Canada
August 27, 2018 Omni-Lite Industries Canada Announces Strategic Acquisition and Names David Robbins as CEO
July 30, 2018 Omni-Lite Industries Canada Receives New Follow-On Order in Support of Major US Defense Program
May 31, 2018 Omni-Lite Industries Reports First Quarter Results
April 25, 2018 Omni-Lite Industries Reports Fiscal Year 2017 Results
February 20, 2018 Omni-Lite Industries Announces Voting Results From Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders and Financial Highlights

December 1, 2017 Omni-Lite Industries Reports Third Quarter 2017 Results, New Orders, and Updates on Hot Heading Project
September 6, 2017 Omni-Lite Industries Reports Strong Six Month Financial Results and Significant New Orders
August 22, 2017 Omni-Lite Industries Announces Kernaghan to Conduct Normal Course Issuer Bid
August 1, 2017 Omni-Lite Announces Several New Orders in the Aerospace Division and Successful First Production Run From Hot Forging Test Center
June 21, 2017 Omni-Lite announces new orders for critical components utilized in robotic assembly of modern aircraft and first production run from hot forging test center
June 12, 2017 Omni-Lite Issues Stock Options
June 1, 2017 Omni-Lite Industries Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid
May 30, 2017 Omni-Lite Industries Reports Strong First Quarter Results
May 1, 2017 Omni-Lite Announces Increasing 2016 Cash from Operations, Significant Shareholder Returns and Achieves Technical Breakthrough in Aerospace Industry
April 11, 2017 Omni-Lite Announces New Military Orders and Progress on Development Program to Produce Aerospace Components from Titanium
February 06, 2017 Omni-Lite Announces New Orders and Progress on Conversion of Forging System to Operate at Elevated Temperatures

November 30, 2016 Omni-Lite Announces New Orders and Progress on Key Additional Military Program
November 24, 2016 Omni-Lite Strengthens Team
October 26, 2016 Omni-Lite Issues Stock Options
October 20, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Reports Strong Third Quarter
October 3, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Announces Resignation of CFO and Appoints Grant as Interim CFO
September 23, 2016Omni-Lite Announces New Orders Including Additional Military Contract
September 7, 2016Omni-Lite Announces New Orders
August 12, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Three Year Aereospace Contract
August 9, 2016Mr. Tim Leybold Joins Omni-Lite as CFO
July 28, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Reports Second Quarter Results and New Orders
July 8, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Orders and Revenues in Q2
July 5, 2016StockNewsNow.com Publishes New SNNLive Video Interview with Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc. Discussing Customer Base and Growth Drivers
June 1, 2016Omni-Lite Issues Stock Options
May 27, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Reports First Quarter Results
May 24, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Announces Expansion of Southern California Facility to Meet Demand
May 19, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid
May 13, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Announces Resignation of CFO
May 5, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Appoints Mr. Patrick Hutchins as Board Member
May 2, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Delivers Strong Results in Fiscal Year 2015
April 21, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Receives Military Contract Valued At $1.24 Million US
April 5, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Orders and Important Process Patent
April 1, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Announces Hayden IR Resigns as Investor Relations Consultant
March 15, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Appoints Hayden IR as Investor Relations Consultant
February 19, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Reports New Contracts
February 18, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Begins Trading on the OTCQX Market in the United States
February 15, 2016Omni-Lite Issues Stock Options
February 12, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Announces Three Year Contract
February 11, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Announces Amendment To Normal Course Issuer Bid
February 4, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Reports Record Annual Revenues
January 18, 2016Omni-Lite Industries Announces Voting Results from Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders

November 20, 2015 Omni-Lite Industries Reports Strong Nine Month and Third Quarter Results
October 20, 2015 Omni-Lite Industries Appoints Mr. Roger Dent as Board Member
October 8, 2015 Omni-Lite Reports Second Best Nine Months On Record
September 3, 2015 Omni-Lite Reports New Orders and Strong Revenues for First Eight Months and Enters into Strategic Review Agreement
August 11, 2015 Omni-Lite Industries Appoints Mr. Sébastien Goulet as Board Member
July 20, 2015 Omni-Lite Industries Reports Strong Six Month and Second Quarter Results
July 9, 2015 Omni-Lite Reports New Orders and Strong Revenues for First Six Months
June 15, 2015 Omni-Lite Issues Stock Options
May 26, 2015 Omni-Lite Signs Long-Term Letter of Agreement with Current Automotive Customer
May 22, 2015 Omni-Lite Industries Announces Additional Normal Course Issuer Bid
April 28, 2015 Omni-Lite Industries Reports Strong First Quarter Results
April 23, 2015 Omni-Lite Industries Delivers Strong Gains in Audited 2014 Results
April 2, 2015 Omni-Lite Sees Quarterly Revenue and Production Growth as Key Programs Continue
March 31, 2015Omni-Lite Strengthens Team
February 18, 2015Omni-Lite Passes Key New Customer Approval Requirement
February 4, 2015Omni-Lite Sees Revenue and Margin Growth Amid Higher Production on Initition of Key Programs
January 12, 2015Omni-Lite Receives $2.8 Million US Contract From Major Automotive Customer

December 2, 2014Omni-Lite Industries Reports Third Quarter Results
November 26, 2014Omni-Lite Announces Record Contract Awards Valued in Excess of $2.234 Million US
September 27, 2014 Omni-Lite Industries Receives Follow-on Military Contracts Amidst New Orders Valued At Approximately $890,000 CAD
October 20, 2014Omni-Lite Omni-Lite Industries Announces Voting Results from Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
September 11, 2014 Omni-Lite Industries Receives Follow-on Military Contract Award Amidst New Orders Valued In Excess Of $500,000 CAD
September 2, 2014Omni-Lite Industries Reports Second Quarter Results
August 20, 2014Omni-Lite Industries Announces Additional Military Customer and New Sales
July 14, 2014Omni-Lite Industries Announces 29% Increase in Second Quarter Revenue
June 20, 2014Omni-Lite Industries Appoints Mr. Charles Samkoff as Board Member
June 4, 2014Omni-Lite Industries Reports Q1 Revenue Up 30 Percent and Operating Cash Flow Up 360 Percent
May 21, 2014Omni-Lite Industries Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid
April 23, 2014Omni-Lite Industries Reports 2013 Results
April 14, 2014Omni-Lite Industries Announces 29% Increase in First Quarter Revenue
March 10, 2014Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Military Orders
February 11, 2014Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Orders and Quotes New Military Initiatives

December 18, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Orders and Prepares for 2014
December 3, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Announces Q3 2013 Results
November 13, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Orders and Increases Capacity
October 23, 2013Omni-Lite Omni-Lite Industries Announces Voting Results from Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
October 1, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Orders and Updates Key Programs
September 26, 2013 Omni-Lite Industries Announces Multi-Year Agreements
August 22, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Announces Q2 2013 Results
August 21, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Orders and Updates Key Programs
July 23, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Sees Growth From Both Existing Programs and New Product Developments
June 13, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Orders and Project Progress
May 30, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Announces Q1 2013 Results
May 1, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Reports 2012 Results
February 27, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Appoints New Director
January 25, 2013Omni-Lite Industries Receives Several New Orders

December 11, 2012Omni-Lite Industries Reports Results for the Third Quarter of 2012
August 27, 2012Omni-Lite Industries Reports Results for the Second Quarter of 2012
May 31, 2012Omni-Lite Industries Reports Results for the First Quarter of 2012
May 23, 2012Omni-Lite Industries Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid
May 2, 2012Omni-Lite Industries Receives New Orders that Include All Divisions of the Company and Announces Dividend
April 19, 2012Omni-Lite Industries Reports 2011 Audited Results
April 5, 2012Omni-Lite Industries Receives New Orders that Include All Divisions of the Company
March 2, 2012Omni-Lite Industries Receives a Significant U.S. Military Order
March 1, 2012Omni-Lite Industries Receives Additional U.S. Military Orders
January 27, 2012Omni-Lite Receives Orders For Two New Programs From A U.S. Military Customer

December 29, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Highlights New Order for Military Green Round Project and Announces $905,000 US in New Orders
November 30, 2011Omni-Lite Industries to Present at the 4th Annual LD MICRO Growth Conference
November 30, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc. Reports Results for Third Quarter 2011
October 31, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc. Declares Dividend
October 17, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Appoints Investor Relations Consultant
October 14, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Receives New Orders Across All Divisions
August 30, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Reports Second Quarter Results
August 19, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Receives First Production Order For The Green Round From Its U.S. Military Customer
July 27, 2011Omni-Lite Receives First Article Approval for the Green Round from its U.S. Military Customer
July 12, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Promotes Allen W. Maxin to President
July 4, 2011 Omni-Lite Industries Reports First Quarter 2011 Results
June 30, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Begins Production of Key Anti-Lock Brake Component
May 25, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Orders in the Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Markets
May 17, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid
May 13, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Contract
April 28, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Announces Approximately $2.6 Million US In New Orders
April 26, 2011Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc. Declares Dividend
April 25, 2011Omni-Lite Reports 2010 Results including Record Net Earnings
February 16, 2011Omni-Lite Announces Closing of Bought-Deal Private Placement Including Over-Allotment Option for Gross Proceeds of CDN$6.9 Million
February 11, 2011Omni-Lite Receives First Contract for Nano-crystalline Battery Program
January 27, 2011Omni-Lite Announces Bought-Deal Private Placement Upsized To CDN$6.0 Million
January 26, 2011Omni-Lite Announces Bought-Deal Private Placement Financing For Proceeds of CDN$5.6 Million

November 1, 2010Omni-Lite Industries Reports Revenue Increase of 87%, Cash Flow Increase of 140%, EBITDA Increase of 144% and Earnings Increase of 340% for Q3 2010
October 5, 2010Omni-Lite Industries Declares Dividend
October 4, 2010Omni-Lite Industries Announces Revenues for First Three Quarters of 2010
September 29, 2010Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Orders in the Military, Sports and Recreational, and Aerospace Divisions
September 22, 2010Omni-Lite Industries Selected as U.S. Source for Key Battery Program
September 15, 2010Omni-Lite Industries Announces New Orders in the Sports and Recreation, Automotive and Aerospace Divisions
July 22, 2010Omni-Lite reports revenue increase of 101%, cash flow increase of 123%, EBITDA increase of 167% and earnings per share increase of 326% for Q2 2010
July 8, 2010Omni-Lite Industries announces record revenue for second quarter 2010
May 13, 2010Omni-Lite announces Normal Course Issuer Bid
May 12, 2010Omni-Lite announces purchase of second custom modified cold forging system, new orders in the Aerospace, Sports & Recreational, and Automotive divisions, and cancellation of 403,655 shares
May 6, 2010Omni-Lite announces new orders in the Military, Automotive, Sports & Recreation and Aerospace divisions
May 5, 2010Omni-Lite Industries earns $482,537 (U.S.) in Q1 2010
March 16, 2010Omni-Lite Industries receives $1.627-million in orders
February 5, 2010Omni-Lite Industries receives $1.12-million in orders

November 5, 2009Omni-Lite Announces Resignation
October 26, 2009Omni-Lite receives new orders of $235,381
October 13, 2009Omni-Lite receives new orders of $469,000
September 2, 2009Omni-Lite receives $1.75-million in new orders
September 1, 2009Omni-Lite Industries earns $170,332 (U.S.) in Q2
July 2, 2009Omni-Lite receives $477,000 in new orders
June 4, 2009Omni-Lite earns $108,598 (U.S.) in Q1
May 20, 2009Omni-Lite receives third military order at $162,400
May 8, 2009Omni-Lite Industries Canada receives new military order
May 6, 2009Omni-Lite awarded $1-million military contract
May 1, 2009Omni-Lite revenue for 2008 increases 33%, cash flow increases 45% and EBITDA increases 20% in Cdn dollar terms
February 17, 2009Omni-Lite Industries receives new orders in the Aerospace and Military divisions

November 27, 2008Omni-Lite earns $497,683 (U.S.) in Q3
November 7, 2008Omni-Lite receives $425,000 (U.S.) in new orders
October 16, 2008Omni-Lite Industries receives $510,000 of new orders
October 15, 2008Omni-Lite Industries grants options at $1.20
August 29, 2008Omni-Lite Industries earns $417,339 (U.S.) in Q2 2008
August 21, 2008Omni-Lite acquires ISO 9001:2000 registration
August 8, 2008Omni-Lite takes orders worth $1.05-million (U.S.)
July 4, 2008Omni-Lite completes strategic review
July 3, 2008Omni-Lite sells contracts worth $908,000 (U.S.)
July 2, 2008Omni-Lite reports record revenue in Q2 2008
June 25, 2008Omni-Lite closes $500,000 (U.S.) financing
June 5, 2008Omni-Lite Industries hires QIS Capital for IR
May 22, 2008Omni-Lite Industries earns $519,498 (U.S.) in Q1
April 30, 2008Omni-Lite earns $1.58-million (U.S.) in fiscal 2007
April 15, 2008Omni-Lite awarded orders valued at $470,000 (U.S.)
March 6, 2008Omni-Lite receives new orders valued at $544,000 (U.S.)
February 19, 2008Omni-Lite receives new orders worth $680,000 (U.S.)
January 18, 2008Omni-Lite Industries Reports Record Revenue in 2007

December 17, 2007Omni-Lite gains $403,000 (U.S.) in new orders
November 23, 2007Omni-Lite to supply $265,000 (U.S.) in orders
November 20, 2007Omni-Lite Industries 545,000-share buyback
October 26, 2007Omni-Lite earns $706,023 (U.S.) in Q3 2007
October 16, 2007Omni-Lite to supply $1.5-million (U.S.) in orders
October 12, 2007Omni-Lite grants 150,000 options at $2.43
October 2, 2007Omni-Lite reports record revenue in third quarter
September 25, 2007Omni-Lite gets $1.7-million (U.S.) in orders
August 30, 2007Omni-Lite earns $124,174 (U.S.) in Q2 2007
August 28, 2007Omni-Lite To Explore Strategic Alternatives
June 13, 2007Omni-Lite Receives New Military Contract
May 31, 2007Omni-Lite Industries earns $736,100 (U.S.) in Q1
May 1, 2007Omni-Lite earns $1-million (U.S.) in 2006
April 3, 2007Omni-Lite Q1 revenue jumps 61% in 2007
February 6, 2007Omni-Lite announces three-year aerospace contract
January 2, 2007Omni-Lite announces additional large military contract

December 1, 2006Omni-Lite Industries to pay two-cent dividend
November 30, 2006Omni-Lite earns $433,180 (U.S.) in Q3
November 2, 2006Omni-Lite Industries receives $260,000 in orders
October 19, 2006Omni-Lite receives follow-on orders from U.S. customer
October 12, 2006Omni-Lite to buy back up to 550,000 shares
October 3, 2006Omni-Lite's Q3 2006 revenues up 32% from Q3 2005
September 26, 2006Omni-Lite Industries receives $170,000 military order
September 21, 2006Omni-Lite Industries receives $415,000 in work
August 29, 2006Omni-Lite Reports Record Revenue, Cash Flow and Net income for Second Quarter 2006
August 17, 2006Omni-Lite wins $344,000 of orders
July 28, 2006Omni-Lite receives new orders valued at $450,000
July 7, 2006Omni-Lite lands four new military, sports contracts
June 6, 2006Omni-Lite seeks approval for 2:1 stock split
June 5, 2006Omni-Lite wins $121,000 of new contracts
May 30, 2006Omni-Lite reports record revenue, cash flow and net income for first quarter 2006
May 29, 2006Omni-Lite Industries two-cent common share dividend
May 26, 2006Omni-Lite receives military, automotive orders
May 15, 2006Omni-Lite receives $85,000 order; declares dividend
May 5, 2006Omni-Lite Industries salutes military order
May 4, 2006Omni-Lite receives two new aerospace orders
May 2, 2006Veritek plans QT purchase of Omni-Lite's E-Form unit
May 1, 2006Omni-Lite earns $1.24-million (U.S.) in 2005
April 25, 2006Omni-Lite Industries receives patent, more orders
March 30, 2006Omni-Lite Industries receives two aerospace orders
March 27, 2006Omni-Lite Industries gets aerospace, military orders
March 8, 2006Omni-Lite gets more aerospace and commercial orders
February 24, 2006Omni-Lite aerospace division gets new order
February 8, 2006Omni-Lite works on first military production run
February 3, 2006Omni-Lite secures new contract with aerospace supplier
February 1, 2006Omni-Lite beams with new orders, hardware, patent

January 4, 2005Omni-Lite produces $5.06-million of 2005 sales
December 30, 2005Omni-Lite buys two more forging systems
December 21, 2005Omni-Lite military contract rises; orders new machines
December 19, 2005Omni-Lite Industries Canada two-cent dividend
December 16, 2005Omni-Lite receives parts deals; U.S. patent
December 14, 2005Omni-Lite to pay two-cent dividend; grants options
November 21, 2005Omni-Lite's military contract grows to $385,000 (U.S.)
November 18, 2005Omni-Lite earns $464,421 (U.S.) in Q3
October 3, 2005Record Third Quarter Revenue for Omni-Lite
September 29, 2005Omni-Lite obtains $206,500 (U.S.) in five new contracts
September 1, 2005Omni-Lite to buy back up to 500,000 shares
August 25, 2005Omni-Lite receives new contracts
August 23, 2005Omni-Lite second quarter results
July 8, 2005Omni-Lite's revenues grow in Q2
July 4, 2005Omni-Lite declares two-cent dividend
June 28, 2005Omni-Lite beams about Wesco deal
June 10, 2005Omni-Lite earns $768,297 (U.S.) in 2004
June 3, 2005Omni-Lite 2004 Year-end Results
May 13, 2005Omni-Lite Update
May 2, 20052004 Financial Statements
April 20, 2005Omni-Lite expands military customer base
April 1, 2005Omni-Lite Industries posts $1.14-million Q1 revenues
February 23, 2005Omni-Lite chooses QED for E-Form equipment design
February 11, 2005Omni-Lite secures three-year contract
February 9, 2005Omni-Lite completes $1.8-million private placement
January 19, 2005Omni-Lite introduces new company, Omni-Lite E-Form
January 18, 2005Omni-Lite Industries arranges $1.8-million financing
January 17, 2005Omni-Lite Industries receives new automotive contract
January 14, 2005Omni-Lite's board approves of governance practices
January 4, 2005Omni-Lite Industries' 2004 revenues increase by 7.9%

December 15, 2004Omni-Lite Industries Canada issues dividend
December 8, 2004Omni-Lite receives U.S. Military supply contract
November 29, 2004Third Quarter Results
October 12, 2004Omni-Lite Q3 revenues reach $1.19-million
August 30, 2004Omni-Lite earns $221,547 (U.S.) in Q2
July 7, 2004Omni-Lite records $1.16-million revenue in Q2
June 1, 2004Omni-Lite earns $265,782 (U.S.) in Q1 2004
May 19, 2004Omni-Lite earns seven U.S. cents per share in 2003
May 17, 2004Omni-Lite appoints Burkey president
April 13, 2004Omni-Lite posts 12% increase in 2004 Q1 revenues
February 27, 2004Omni-Lite appoints Andrews to board
January 26, 2004Omni-Lite Industries to buy back up to 435,000 shares
January 9, 2004Omni-Lite auto division drives 2003 sales to new record

December 22, 2003Omni-Lite's expanded product range pays off
December 2, 2003Omni-Lite earns four cents per share in Q3
October 7, 2003Omni-Lite's revenue sets new record for nine months
September 18, 2003Omni-Lite receives automotive component contracts
August 29, 2003Second Quarter 2003 Results
August 14, 2003Omni-Lite receives new order
July 14, 2003Omni-Lite announces record six months
July 8, 2003Omni-Lite appoints new director
June 20, 2003Omni-Lite receives two more military orders
June 2, 2003First Quarter 2003 Results
May 21, 20032002 Year End Results
May 12, 2003Omni-Lite announces new contracts
April 2, 2003Omni-Lite announces first quarter revenues
March 25, 2003Military and Aerospace Orders Announced
February 26, 2003Omni-Lite growth expected in Military and Aerospace divisions
February 6, 2003Investor Relations Contract Renewed
January 27, 2003Omni-Lite Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid

December 3, 2002Third Quarter Results
October 7, 2002New contracts & Q3 estimates
August 30, 2002Second Quarter Financials
August 13, 2002Appointments of CFO and Secretary
July 15, 2002Metallurgical Lab Purchase
May 31, 2002First Quarter Results
May 24, 2002Two Automotive Contracts Awarded
May 14, 2002New Aerospace Contracts
May 10, 20022001 Year end results
April 15, 2002First Quarter Revenue Estimate Revised Upwards
March 12, 2002Five new forging systems purchased
March 1, 2002Safe landing in Q1 with new contracts
January 15, 2002New Aerospace Contract Signed

December 12, 2001Nike and Omni-Lite Sign Long-term Contract
November 20, 20013rd Quarter Results
October 19, 2001Record 3rd Quarter Revenues
September 21, 2001Cancellation of Remaining Escrowed Shares
August 27, 2001Record Second Quarter Revenue, Cash Flow and Earnings
August 20, 2001Aerospace division advanced
July 18, 2001New Contracts w/ Monogram Aerospace Fasteners
July 9, 2001New Contracts w/ DaimlerChrysler and SNC Technologies
May 30, 2001Record first quarter total revenue and cash flow
May 18, 2001Fourth Quarter & Year End Results Announced
May 15, 2001Omni-Lite to buy back up to 495,000 shares
May 11, 2001Omni-Lite to buy back shares
April 12, 2001Awarded new U.S. patent
April 5, 2001Solid Q1 Revenue Increase
March 5, 2001Sales to March 1, 2001 up Significantly
Feb. 15, 2001Sales to February 14, 2001 up 76%
Jan. 17, 2001Significant Increase in Orders
Jan. 10, 2001Resignation of CFO

Nov. 20, 2000Extension of US Military and NATO Contract
Oct. 18, 2000New Contract for Bimetal Research
Oct. 10, 2000New Military Contract and Olympic Success
Sept. 18, 2000Omni-Lite grants stock options
Sept. 18, 2000Omni-Lite cancels escrow shares
Aug. 29, 2000New Automotive Contract Received
July 26, 20002nd Quarter Results
June 1, 2000Fairchild Awards Omni-lite New Contract and ...
May 30, 2000Record First Quarter
May 9, 2000Record Fourth Quarter and Year-End Results
April 5, 2000New CFO Added
March 16, 2000Stock Options Proposed
March 9, 2000Fairchild Jet Engine Component Approved
Feb. 8, 2000Omni-Lite receives contracts from Fairchild
Feb. 1, 2000Omni-Lite Appointment

Nov. 24, 1999Satisfies "Blue Sky" Trading Requirements in the USA
Nov. 8, 1999Omni-Lite Third Quarter Results
Nov. 2, 1999Omni-Lite Strengthens Management Team
Oct. 22, 1999Omni-Lite Successes Continue in Third Quarter
Aug. 30, 1999Omni-Lite wins major commercial contract
Aug. 11, 1999Omni-Lite wins three military contracts
July 30, 1999Paul A. Burkey appointed COO
June 17, 1999Q1 results / new product development
June 8, 1999Omni-Lite releases year-end results
April 21, 1999New director appointed
March 10, 1999Year end revenues jump 139%
Jan. 26, 1999Record third quarter results

Nov. 18, 1998Normal Course Issuers Bid Accepted
Oct. 27, 1998Third quarter revenues rise 175% 
July 13, 1998Second quarter results; new automotive contracts
May 1, 1998First quarter results
April 24, 1998Normal course issuer bid
March 23, 1998350% annual growth projected in first quarter
Feb. 5, 1998Omni-Lite Continues 300% Annual Growth in First . . .
Jan. 22, 1998Omni-Lite's Annual Growth Rate Exceeds 325% 



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